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Joe gives 120% every day. He is reliable, passionate about his job, and he does it better than anyone else on the team. How do you find those same qualities in your next hire?

Most employees are in the wrong jobs. Studies have shown that across the US, only 25% of employees are in the right jobs based on their skills, interests, and/or job satisfaction. That means that right now, it's likely that up to 75% of your employees are not a good fit for the work they're doing. That costs you real money through lost productivity, increased turnover, and wasted investments in training and development.

With the Profile XT you'll know if a candidate is the right person for the job before you hire them.

  • Bolster productivity – Hire only employees with the ability to be productive like your top performers.
  • Decrease turnover and immediately boost your bottom line – Retain employees longer. Your training and interviewing costs decrease.
  • Increase your hiring success rate – Know if candidates have the traits necessary to be successful before you hire them. Hire the right people for the right jobs 75% or more of the time.
  • Decrease your liability risks – Make your hiring decisions with normalized, valid, legal data, which provides compliance with all federal requirements.
  • Enhance your hiring managers' interviewing skills – Provide standardized assessments and reports to remove the guesswork and subjectivity around hiring practices. Using interview questions generated directly from each assessment helps managers improve their skills and increases their success rate in hiring the right person.
  • Manage more effectively – Address specific needs and weaknesses of each employee based on the coaching advice provided.
  • Promote more effectively – Measure which employees are best suited for promotion.
  • Save time and money – Administer assessments using your web-based assessment center. Processing is done automatically and produces immediate results. Data remains permanently in your database for long-term employee management.
  • Decrease overhead costs – Use the paperless forms and reports to cut costs. Save paper and records storage space.
  • Increase training ROI – Design and implement training programs based on identified capabilities and needs.

The Profile XT is an evaluation tool for putting the right people into the right jobs. What's more, it's an excellent guide for managers and trainers to help them manage and train more effectively. The Profile XT is a 21st century occupational evaluation instrument designed to meet the needs of business, industry, and government.

Measuring and Matching Essential Traits is the Key to a
Successful Employee Selection Process for Any Organization

The Profile XT serves another important management function when incorporated with job descriptions. By analyzing your top performers in a particular job, the Profile XT is able to construct a "Success Pattern." This pattern can be compared to the characteristics of those being considered as candidates for the job as a means of determining "job fit." The Job Analysis Report generated by this pattern will also help you build behavioral requirements for your position in to the job description. Studies published in the Harvard Business Review confirm that job fit is the most important factor in successful job performance. No other assessment tool is as thorough as the Profile XT at supplying this information.

The Profile XT assessment features the ability to customize the responses that indicate a job match. It provides the ability to be "custom fit" for geographical differences, a variety of management styles, and unique corporate cultures. This facilitates its use in any business or organization.

Success Patterns for the Right Employees, for the Bottom Line

The Profile XT gives an analysis of key behavioral traits that are related to the requirements of any particular job in your organization. You receive a set of comprehensive reports that guides the decision making process for selecting new employees, identifying needs for training, and identifying individuals for promotions or reassignment of duties.

By reducing the incidence of improper hiring, increasing the effectiveness of training, and sharply cutting the amount of turnover, the Profile XT helps eliminate or reduce many of an organization's expenses. Managers have more time to manage effectively, productivity increases, and the bottom line grows significantly.

The Most Important Employment Candidate Assessment Tool
is Also Easy to Use

You can improve your competitive position and hire the right people for the right jobs by using this 21st century evaluation tool – the Profile XT.

In each assessment, you'll learn invaluable information to help you make the right hiring decisions. You'll know more about your candidates than any subjective interview will tell you.

  • Thinking style
  • Learning pace
  • Numerical skills and reasoning abilities
  • Verbal skills and reasoning abilities
  • Occupational interests
  • Behavioral traits

You'll also learn more than any simple personality test can tell you when you read through the five reports that are produced immediately after each assessment:

  • Selection/hiring report – Measures how well your candidate fits the benchmarks established by your top performers in the same position.
  • Coaching report – Provides advice on how to manage and work with the employee to maximize their productivity and reduce turnover.
  • Succession planning/career development report – Indicates the career interests of your employee to help you and them plan their best career path with your organization.
  • Individual results for personal development report – Advises on the best course of action to train and develop the employee.
  • Candidate matching report – Compares your database of candidates/employees to your open position to see who has the best fit.

Multiple Benefits and High Return Makes Profiles XT Essential

With such a long list of benefits and a high return on investment, it's easy to see why the Profile XT will be the essential tool for you to get the right employees on board and identify which employees will take your organization to the next level.

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