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  Internet Executive Briefings - provided by Business Insight Technologies

Discover the secrets of what makes your outstanding employees consistently exceed expectations and positively impact your bottom line. Identify why you may not want your star sales person to be your next sales manager.

When you partner with Business Insight Technologies, you get consulting services with a difference. More than just a "how to" lesson on the assessment tools, you get a deep understanding and thorough analysis of how to make the right management decisions to increase your profitability. You get a partner who advises you with your goals in mind. Business Insight Technologies will help you learn from and leverage your people decisions so you can continuously improve your company's performance.

Your People as Your Competitive Advantage

You'll learn how to increase your success utilizing the most important dimension of your organization, the ONLY dimension that adds true competitive advantage: your people.

When you consult with Business Insight Technologies, you'll receive these important services to help your organization achieve more:

  • Design, oversight and training to develop and operate successful recruiting and hiring processes and systems
  • Coaching and training of your key personnel in methods and skills for selection and interviewing
  • Identification, qualification, selection and management of external search/recruiting resources
  • Review and evaluation of key issues impacting unfavorable operating results and recommendations for change
  • Facilitating definitions of each job’s key attributes necessary for success
  • Administration of assessment tools and utilization of results to increase retention and hiring effectiveness
  • Assessment of team participants to identify potential conflicts and potential missing attributes necessary to achieving the team’s mission
  • Coaching to assist team members to better utilize each other’s capabilities and styles to achieve team mission
  • Coaching and training on the techniques and resources for obtaining an effective and thorough reference

Business Insight Technologies is a "Solutions Provider" to the challenge of hiring, keeping, managing, and developing people. If you are having challenges with the people part of your business, contact us now.

Customized Seminars and Training May Be Your Answer

To maximize the benefits of your human resource system, invite your key personnel to our seminars and web-based training sessions. These are provided periodically at convenient times and may be held on site.

If your organization has special needs or unique circumstances, we can provide customized training or seminars for you on-site, at your location.

Here are a few of our most popular seminars:

  • Hiring and Managing The Best - Your Competitive Advantage. Learn how to "clone" your top performers, match the right person to the right job, promote the best employees, maximize performance and increase training effectiveness.
  • Recruiting and Selection - Finding Your Prince/Princess. Candidate Definition. Developing Candidates - Where do I find them? Screening resumes for champions. Preparing for the interview. Asking the questions to uncover the true person. Post-hiring success: how to encourage your employees to be more productive.
  • Interviewing 101. Learn the techniques and tips for conducting effective and legal interviews. How to read to find the truth within those resumes. Behavioral versus structured interviews. Who should conduct the interview? How many follow-on interviews should you do before you decide to hire?

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. You'll also receive some valuable tips to help you be the hero in solving your human resource issues.

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