Immediate and Accurate Insights with Online Assessments

  Online Assessment Center clients only.

If you're new to the Online Assessment Center, contact us today to get your login code.

When your candidates or employees complete the assessments online, you'll receive immediate results – no waiting for processing or scoring or mailing. You'll know immediately if your candidate is right for a job. Timely results allow you to accelerate the process for attractive candidates or suspend the process for high-risk choices.

Assessment results provide critical information before investing more management time, travel dollars, and frustration with poor candidate prospects.

Managing Your Assessments With Ease

What can you do with your Online Assessment Center control panel? You can:

  • Create "top-performer" patterns for various positions and assessments
  • Test existing candidates against top performer benchmarks
  • Schedule new assessments
  • And more

You'll find your Online Assessment Center easy to use and fast to maintain. As your candidates and staff participate in assessments, you'll manage the results and produce professional-quality reports in no time. (Check out some of the sample reports.)

Obtain Your Login Now

The best way to learn how the system works is to test it yourself. To test the system, you'll need an "Authorizing ID" and an "Authorization Code". Obtain these codes by contacting us now. Or, if you have questions about using the Profiles system, feel free to call us for a complimentary consultation: 253-380-9665.

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