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What is the Profile XT™ and how does it work?


What are the benefits of using the Profile XT?


What will the reports tell me?


Is it legal to make a hiring decision based on the Profile XT assessment?


Is the Profile XT validated?


How long does it take to score a Profile XT assessment and get a report?


How long will it take the applicant to complete the Profile XT assessment?


What are the computer requirements?


Can I assess my current employees?


What are scoring meters and how do they work?


Can applicants distort the answers to make themselves look good, or cheat on the assessment?


How can we get started?


1. What is Profile XT™ and how does it work?

The Profile XT™ is an online assessment tool that provides an employer with the data necessary to make a more informed hiring/developmental/management/promotion decision. Profile XT helps a hiring manager create job match between candidates and positions. By creating job match you increase your chances of a successful hire from 14% to 75%.

Profile XT works by analyzing any position within any organization, breaking it down into the abilities, interests and personality traits an individual must possess to be successful in that particular role. This benchmark, or "success pattern", then presents a quantifiable, valid picture of what success looks like for any given position. Candidates are then assessed to determine their innate traits, and their results are compared to the "success pattern" to establish whether or not there is a job match.


2. What are the benefits of using Profile XT?

Among many other things, the Profile XT produces the following benefits:

  • Decrease turnover
  • Increase training ROI
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase hiring success rate
  • Manage and promote more effectively

Profile XT has been proven to reduce turnover and raise performance due to its ability to "replicate" best employees. It works by:

  • Creating customized job patterns to define job match for each position within any company.
  • Suggesting behavioral questions to probe each candidate's risk areas.
  • Producing 5 reports, each with its own managerial purpose: Placement Report, Individual Report, Coaching Report, Multi-Job Match Report & Candidate Matching Report.
  • Providing the convenience of 3 tests in 1 by measuring thinking style (verbal skill and verbal reasoning, numerical skill and numerical reasoning), occupational interests and behavioral traits.
  • Generating reports automatically and immediately online and/or via e-mail for easy and instant evaluation.


3. What will the reports tell me?

In general, the Profile XT reports will compare the individual to the position in 3 areas: thinking style, occupational interests, and behavioral traits, and will provide this information in 5 different reports:

  • Placement Report – Presents a "picture of fit" for the candidate compared to the "success pattern" and generates probing interview questions aimed directly at areas of potential risk you might encounter should you decide to hire this individual
  • Coaching Report – Generates the same "picture" or comparison between candidate/employee and the position, however this report offers management coaching. suggestions/tips/techniques for those areas where the individual is out of "pattern."
  • Multi-Job Match Report – Allows you to plot the candidates assessment results on a variety of positions (career or development track). This provides the manager with the information he/she needs to help manage the individual through roles where they might not be a good fit, but must endure for training purposes so that they can get to the ultimate or desired position. This report also provides a manager with the data necessary to compare two candidates in the critical success areas, and can help them decide who is the better fit for the role.
  • Candidate Matching Report – Compares a number of candidates/employees to one pattern to see who is the best fit for the position. This allows a recruiter to search a database of past candidates and current employees for the best fit. This decreases sourcing time and increases retention by offering current employees opportunities to cross train.
  • Individual Report – Is the same as the selection report but does not print the benchmark information. This allows you to provide the candidate/employee with their results without giving them the proprietary information for the role.

See a Profile XT sample Job Analysis Report and a Profile XT sample Placement Report.


4. Is it legal to make a hiring decision based on the Profile XT Assessment?

The Profile Assessment (the predecessor to the Profile XT) has a documented, legal court opinion (available for purchase upon special request) which confirms that the data provided by this tool is legal, valid, and non-discriminatory and can be used to make hiring and selection decisions.


5. Is the Profile XT validated?

Profile XT has the largest validation of its kind with over 116,000 people across all cultures, age groups and genders, and has the most recent validation to date.


6. How long does it take to score a Profile XT Assessment and get a report?

The candidate's responses are completed online and the report is available for you to download and/or receive via e-mail immediately after they have finished. A pencil-paper version is also available if needed.


7. How long will it take the applicant to complete the Profile XT assessment?

It typically takes an individual approximately 1 hour to complete the assessment


8. What are the computer requirements?

There are no special computer requirements. There are no downloads or plug-ins to install. Any computer with access to the Internet can be used by the applicant or the administrator.


9. Can I assess my current employees?

Yes! Profile XT is much more than just a hiring and selection tool. It is a terrific tool for employee development, for use as a coaching resource, and as a succession-planning tool. Once you have assessed a candidate or employee, you have 24/7 online access to the data to run additional reports for these purposes.


10. What are "scoring meters" and how do they work?

Built into the program is a "counter" to keep track of how many assessments are scored. When you purchase Profile XT assessments, this "meter" counter is set to the number of assessments purchased. Each time you score an assessment, a meter is subtracted. When you purchase additional assessments you receive meters equal to the number of assessments purchased. The meters are easily added to your account, by a simple call to Business Insight Technologies (253-604-4141) or by contacting us online.


11. Can applicants distort the answers to "look good", or cheat on the assessment?

Any assessment can be distorted. The test of a good assessment is whether or not the tool itself will tell you if the test has been manipulated in some way. Profile XT has a "Distortion Scale" which measures whether or not the data has been manipulated.


12. How can we get started?

Call us directly at 253-604-4141 or contact us online for your complimentary consultation.

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