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You've analyzed the performance of your managers using the Checkpoint™ Feedback Competency System to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Now what? How do you develop a plan around the important characteristics to make your managers become more productive, better leaders, and more effective communicators?

In fact, having a program for developing your management team is essential to your organization's success. Failure to provide adequate development opportunities is recognized as one of the top 5 reasons good employees will leave your company.

Straightforward Plan to
Build Management Skills

Improving the performance of your management team will improve the performance, productivity, and profitability of your entire organization.

  • Save time – Train your managers to be more effective leaders so you spend less time handling their "people challenges".
  • Improve retention and reduce turnover – Provide programs for development that fit the needs of your managers and executives.
  • Grow profits – Help managers focus on activities which contribute to the bottom line.
  • Raise productivity – Develop individual performance based on specific areas that require improvement.
  • Ensure accountability – Practice effective leadership skills which foster a culture of responsibility.
  • Enhance management effectiveness – Discover valuable insights on subordinates' leadership skill levels to better understand and more effectively manage your team.
  • Increase return on training investments – Provide more effective leadership skills training based on actual needs. Efficient online systems minimize administrative time and save resources.

Professional Development Made Easy

The Skillbuilder Series is an organized, self-study, professional-development system that requires minimal administration. This program was developed from thoroughly researched material that helps managers improve performance in the following leadership competency areas:

Communicating Effectively
Processing Information
Listening To Others


Instilling Trust
Providing Direction
Delegating Responsibility

Adjusting to Circumstances
Thinking Creatively


Building Personal Relationships
Facilitating Team Success

Task Management
Working Efficiently
Working Competently


Taking Action
Achieving Results

Development of Others
Cultivating Individual Talents
Motivating Successfully


Personal Development
Displaying Commitment
Seeking Improvement

How to Use the Checkpoint Skillbuilder Series

Managers participating in the Checkpoint Skillbuilder Series find it easy and convenient. After responding to questions and doing online exercises, they click a button on the screen to print a customized Self-Improvement Plan report that is a plan of action for professional development.

Skillbuilder guides the participant through an interactive process for developing specific actions and goals that will strengthen their capabilities in the targeted areas.

Each development area provides specific suggestions for the participant to define actions that will build new competencies using the "KSS" method of learning (Keep Doing, Stop Doing, Start Doing).

To further enhance the learning process, the participant is guided to identify and engage a coach of their choosing. The participant provides the coach with their comprehensive development plan for the coach's review and counsel, to ensure appropriate activities have been defined to address the person's development needs.

Get More Bang From Your Management Development Buck

This system provides you with an ROI for your training efforts. Now you know exactly how to measure your management teams leadership skills, and more importantly you are providing them with effective training in key leadership competencies.

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