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The Profile XT™

"Our company gets a good return on investment from the Profile XT assessment. We've found the product crucial in helping us promote retention and enhance productivity. Your assessments are an important part of our HR tool kit." – Tom Rose and Allan Cantor, Sun Life Financial

"We wanted to reduce turnover of our designers. We used Profiles XT and made better hires." – Ethan Allen Inc.

"The Profile XT assessment helps us in recruiting. We like this tool to find applicants that fit. " – Cottingham, Butler and Sisco

"In a small company it is absolutely essential that the incoming people have the character and temperament to fit in. Public Relations is pressurized enough without having to sort out internal staff and personality clashes caused by hiring people with the wrong fit. As a small company, I would now never consider hiring anyone without first running them through the Profile." – Ronnie Simpson, Managing Director

"We wanted to do two things: screen new applicants, and gain expertise in identifying job fit for incumbents. We used Profile XT as a part of our hiring process to determine needs for management. " – Brown Shoprite

"We've created a consistent model that fits our needs in using Profile XT to recruit new employees. Your assessments are easy to use and everyone is accommodating." – Phillip Green, John Henry Foster Missouri

"Profile XT aids us in choosing the best candidates for our open positions." – Denise Shreck, Domnick Hunter

"Our company wanted to match sales representatives to the job, so we used the Profile XT. It scores the job candidates within the realm of what managers are seeking, and helps us make the right decision. Our Client Services Representative was always there when we needed her." – Lil Eikenburg, Advanstar

"Profile XT helps us get a grip on employee turnover. The assessment also helps us get people in the right job. Since using Profile XT, we've decreased turnover in certain areas. We have no complaints and found Profiles' training very useful." – Misti Merriam, National American University


"Our credit union looked for applicants that matched exactly what we wanted in a prospect. We use Profile XT, which helps in placement. These tools give us more information about prospective employees." – Karen Doyle, Colorado State Employees Credit Union

"Since we started using the Profile XT assessment, we've not made any 'wrong' hiring decisions. Our employees fit well into their teams and show job satisfaction. The tool helps us 100 percent." – Ann Freeman, First National Bank and Trust

"We are using Profile XT to help us with retention and training. The assessment takes a lot of things into consideration. We want to know if our employees are interested in moving up, and if their aptitude fits the position. We want to know where they might have problems. We adore our Client Services Representative ." – Sarah Monley, Carmel Partners

"We've created a consistent model that fits our needs in using Profile XT to recruit new employees. Your assessments are easy to use and everyone is accommodating." – John Henry Foster Missouri

"By having all of us complete the Profile XT Job Analysis Questionnaire, we were able to agree on the key skills required for recruiting our new Executive Director. This tool became invaluable when we compared the candidates background to the profile established for the position."

"The Profile XT is powerful and dynamic management tool that helps them place each individual in the job for which they are best suited, and helps ensure TAG can provide maximum safety and service to its clients. We have found these analytical tools to be much more effective than the standard resumé plus a buddy’s letter of recommendation, to help ensure that TAG hires pilots who should be." – Robert Tyler, TAG Aviation USA


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