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A wide variety of issues, industries, and solutions, all with one thing in common. They are raving about increased sales, reduced turnover, better team effort, improved productivity and more – all as a result of using the Profiles International assessment tools.

Read the following messages from Profiles clients about their experiences and results from using the Profiles International assessment tools and/or the consulting services of Business Insight Technologies.

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"I have used Profiles for the last 10 years, including several years at two other companies. I brought Profiles tools with me when I changed jobs. I've never had a problem getting in touch with my account manager. She's provided two 'webinars,' which worked really well, and is always willing to do things at the last minute. I would rate Profiles' overall service a 10 – and I have always felt that way." – Karen Campion, Minnesota Diversified

"A major benefit we continue to see is in the area of driver turnover. The American Trucking Association reported a national average of 109% turnover for medium sized carriers. Turnover for large carriers exceeded 130%. Our Vice President recently attended a trucking symposium sponsored by our insurance carrier. When we reported our 17% from last year, we were met with looks of great disbelief. Did the use of Profiles assessments alone cause 83% driver retention? Probably not, but no doubt, these tools were the main reason. This one benefit continues to save us thousands of dollars in recruitment and training costs." – James Maloney, United Freight Service Inc.

"In a short time, the assessment we purchased from Profiles International paid for itself because we hired the right people and didn't have to hire again and retrain. We like the ability to assess people without making them feel uncomfortable. Your tools provide great insight and allow me to put people in the right position." – Dave LeBlanc, The Boiling Pot

"In the year we started using Profiles International’s assessments, we decreased turnover by more than half. How? By using the tool to determine where a person fits best in our company. We are saving both time and money." – Glenda Smith, the Wizard's Cauldron

"Steve Pennak has been a godsend to our business. After we made mistakes with four hires in a row, using only our subjective judgement, Steve helped us understand how to use and interpret the results of the Profiles assessments. Additionally, he went above and beyond by coaching us in interviewing and employee management techniques. Thank you, Steve!" – Jim Rosemary, New Tech Web, Inc.


"Our Bank was looking for additional tools to assist us in selecting the right applicants. We use Profile XT, Step One Survey II, Profile Sales Indicator, and Customer Service Profile. With these, we are better able to determine who is a good fit for the position and for our Bank. Our customer service representative has been very helpful in meeting our needs." – Hilltop National Bank

"We have saved a great deal of money using Profiles International assessments because we haven't made a bad hiring choice. I like the variety of the assessments that we can use, and the option to specialize in different areas." – Jerry Hosko, Redi Carpet

"Two recent hiring decisions made our managers feel very confident. They said they feel confident about their selection choices based on the use of the assessment. Your web site is awesome, very accessible and easy to use. And we can always find someone to answer our questions." – Alice Willmarth, The Mechanics Bank

"We have been using Profiles Assessments since 1993 and I want to compliment you and your company on the constant development of new products and the improvements you have made through the years. The Profile gives me information about our people that is not just "on target," it hits the bulls-eye every time. Using The Profile, we are improving productivity and the efficiency of every employee. It is an incredibly effective tool that I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend." – James M.D. Maloney, President

"Our company uses all the assessments. We want to know if applicants are knowledgeable in their trade. The results are key in helping us determine whether to offer a job. Your products are good." – Jason Benjamin, AAC Gardner Air Conditioning

"Our company always uses the Performance Indicator when hiring new doctors. We've used it hundreds of times to identify whether or not a doctor has the right personality for the job. Now we encourage the company to use it for other leadership positions. Everyone at Profiles has been a joy to work with. Kudos to the company!" – Richard Nicely, Dental One


"Profiles International is first-rate. We are in our third year of using your assessments. In the first year, we replaced every manager, then asked Profiles to step in and help us 'align our compass' with their assessments. Profiles helped us build a team that, for the first time, shares priorities and a focus. And our people are enthusiastic about taking the test -- no more apprehension." – Patrick Adams, Brazos River Authority

"We used the assessments when hiring 141 people in the 18 months after implementing. The end result: An incredible 99.3 percent score in terms of identifying and hiring productive and retainable team members. We find Profiles International and its products tremendously helpful in showing us how to guard our key assets -- our people." – Michael Owens, VHI Healthcare

"We attribute our increased hiring confidence to Profiles International’s assessments. Small companies like ours especially need to hire the right person for each job. We save time by training the right people for our company. The assessments give a clear and accurate profile of potential candidates. Our new employees match their job perfectly. Your tools keep us on target." – Pat Simon, Lehigh Valley PBS

"We have had extremely positive feedback from participants about the complete and detailed input they receive in their Individual Feedback Report. The data is colorfully presented in multiple formats so that participants can view their management and team competencies first with a wide-angle lens and then progressively narrow the focus all the way down to the survey item level." – Susan Lupo, Management Development Specialist

"We really like the way the reports are put together and the information they provide us. We get solid information from the layout you use to display the results and the suggestions the reports offer." – Cassy Claude, Wink Inc.


"I've used Profiles for six years. The web site is very user friendly and it allows me to access to the results fast and easy. Profiles International assessments are extremely effective and accurate." – The Woodlands

"Your team is easily accessible. My account executive solves all my problems immediately. And the training we got on the assessments was great. Our trainer was very patient and didn't try to rush us through." – Judy Young, Westminster-Canterbury Richmond

"Your business seems so personal. I feel as if I know my account manager.... He is very responsive to my company's needs and does extra work to make sure deadlines are met or to get things done in a rush if necessary. Your products are user-friendly, too." – Susan Maiden, Darlings Auto Group

"Profiles International has provided the highest level of service to our company." – Ron Meredeith, Lamb's Tire and Auto

"Profiles International’s quick turnaround gives me the ability to get things done." – Darrel Tyree, ROM Corp.

"My staff and I enjoy working with you and your company. I’d also like to thank you for the great service you have given to our company. You make our hiring process much more efficient." – Pristine Mortgage


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