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Save money and time on human resource development. Boost sales and revenue. Enhance leadership effectiveness, management competency, and team performance. No matter what needs your organization has, they all revolve around people. When you solve the people puzzle, you're on your way to growing your company and building the people who will take you where you want to go.

There are a variety of assessment tools focusing on human capital and its performance. You need to know more than just "personality types". You need to know exactly what to ask in an interview. You need to know exactly how to make a team work together better. You need to know what steps to take to improve your customer service. With Business Insight Technologies, you'll get step-by-step processes and critical information necessary to improve your human capital.

Take a look at a list of common human resources issues and their solutions. Or if you know exactly what you're looking for, choose from among the following products:

The Profile XT™ – This "total person" assessment measures the job-related qualities that make a person productive: Thinking and Reasoning Style, Behavioral Traits, and Occupational Interests. It is used for hiring/placement, promotion, self-improvement, coaching, succession planning, and job description development.


Profiles Checkpoint™ – This 360-degree competency feedback system gives managers and leaders an opportunity to receive feedback on their leadership abilities from the people who work with them – their boss, their peers, and the people whose work they supervise. From this feedback, managers can compare the opinions of others with their own perceptions, positively identify their strengths, and pinpoint the areas of their job performance that could be improved.


Profiles Step One Survey II™ – This scientifically-designed assessment tool evaluates job applicants for integrity, substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. The SOS II empowers you with a structured system to objectively obtain better information, identify the best candidates, and conduct better interviews.


Profiles Sales Indicator™ – Hire salespeople who are like your top performers. This easy-to-use, customizable tool provides objective data for developing a more effective sales team by reporting on the five qualities and seven critical behaviors that make salespeople successful. The resulting reports will help you select, manage, and train your salespeople more effectively.


Profiles Performance Indicator™ – This assessment helps you evaluate the differences between employees in order to increase employee productivity. It measures behavioral tendencies in five critical job related competencies and provides recommendations for improving employee performance, responding to job-related stress, handling frustration and conflict, stimulating employee motivation.


Customer Service Profile™ – Compare your candidates to your top performers. This tool identifies eight behavioral characteristics and two proficiencies essential to extraordinary customer service. This is the information needed to coach and train your people to deliver world-class customer service. The Customer Service Profile includes reports on job matching, interviewing, coaching, and more. New industry-specific validations for financial services, healthcare, hospitality and retail. These questionnaires allow you to capture the critical characteristics for your industry-specific customer relationships.


Organizational Management Analysis™ – This tool compiles and summarizes the Checkpoint results for a group of managers and provides a description of the organization's alignment for achieving its critical priorities. It indicates effectiveness in critical leadership competencies, by objectively measuring company's culture. You'll gain insights to the alignment of management groups with the company's goals and objectives. You'll also receive an analysis of organizational development priorities and a report of organizational training needs.

For more information on which products will help you solve your specific HR issues, you need to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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