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Your managers run your organization. They set the course, make decisions, communicate goals, motivate employees, and more. But do they really have the skills to manage and lead as effectively as they can?

How do you manage your managers? Sure, there are reviews by upper management, typically based on the output or productivity of their work groups. But is there a better way?

The Better Way to Manage Your Managers

Now you can get a clearer view than ever about how well your managers are really working. You now have available a set of new tools which will provide valuable information about the skills and performance of your managers. One is a 360° feedback competency system which reports on individual managers. Another tool creates an individualized management training development program. And another compiles the data from individual reports to create a view of your whole management team.

First, Measure Performance to Improve Management Performance

You get what you measure. When you monitor performance, do you take in to account all the factors which contribute to productivity, output, results? The Profiles Checkpoint™ is a 360° feedback competency system. Individual managers are given feedback on their behaviors, attitudes, and skills from direct reports, peers, and bosses. In this way, you'll get a clearer picture of reality when viewpoints from a variety of sources are considered.

How to Train and Develop Your Managers

When you know the strengths and weaknesses of your managers, you'll then use the Checkpoint Skillbuilder Series™ to create a plan for training and developing them. This tool automatically produces an organized, self-study, professional-development system that requires minimal administration. It was developed from thoroughly researched material that helps managers improve performance in a variety of leadership competency areas.

Working With Your Managers as a Team

Ideally, your managers work together as a unified team. How can you measure and analyze their effectiveness and performance as a group? How do you verify that managers are in alignment with organizational goals and your mission, vision, and values?

The tool to use is the Organizational Management Analysis™. This tool provides you with the essential information to chart the course of your organization.

Maximizing Management Effectiveness

To get the most benefit from these state-of-the-art tools, talk with the experts at Business Insight Technologies. Our experts will guide you, not only in the use of the tools, but in how to create and develop a truly winning team. Your consultant will bring to the table years of experience working with managers at all levels, from a wide variety of industries. You'll benefit by maximizing the effectiveness, productivity and performance of your management team.

Be sure to ask about the Executive Team Analysis Toolkit™ and the Executive Development Toolkit™, consisting of the tools mentioned above and others, plus consulting services, in easy-to-use, cost-saving packages.

Schedule a consultation with Business Insight Technologies today to begin improving your management teams and your profitability.

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