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Achieving your organizational goals is a matter of getting your employees – your team – to perform specific tasks to certain levels of quality within a determined timeframe at or below a set cost. But it's not all about finding the right workers. In order to create and communicate that plan to your employees, your organization needs managers – leaders – who possess the right skills to create teams with a sense of purpose.

Full-Spectrum Reporting, Analysis, and Customized Training Guidance

Typical executive or management development programs focus on one aspect of the management spectrum, to enhance a skill or shore up a weakness. But training managers to become true leaders requires a more holistic approach, one which analyzes their current abilities and then follows up with training in multiple, related skills.

Keys to an Effective Executive Development Program or
Leadership Training

Ideally, your training program for executives and managers would allow you to measure "leadership" with a customized definition as it applies to your organization, not just leadership in generic terms. Your ideal program would include taking an inventory of the critical behavioral traits of your most successful leaders to hold up as a comparison.

That's exactly what is provided by the Executive Development Program. Additionally, the program creates reports to each leader/manager in your organization showing their strengths and weaknesses as perceived by their bosses, subordinates, and peers. It provides your leaders with self-directed, computer-based training programs on the development areas they need individually, rather than packaged programs which try to apply a one-size-fits-all approach.

The Executive Development Program delivers to the leader's supervisor or manager a customized plan and "handbook" on how best to manage for the leader's strengths and weaknesses.

The Executive Development Toolkit consists of:

  • One Profile XT™ – for insights and clarity about the manager's interests and skills and how well matched they are to their current job.
  • One Performance Indicator™ – describes behavioral tendencies in several key areas critical to managerial success.
  • Two Profiles Checkpoint™ – one assessment to be completed now, and one 6-9 months from now to measure performance improvement as perceived by your executive's bosses, peers, and subordinates.
  • This package includes up to one hour of individual interpretive assistance and help in refining the development program to fit the specific needs of your individual managers.

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