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The future of your organization depends on the leadership and guidance of your executive team. How they direct your organization into the future depends on how well-suited they are to the task and how well they work together.

An excellent management team consists of members with a variety of experience and skills. Is your executive team leveraging those skills to achieve maximum results? And do you know what the weaknesses are of your team members? Do you coordinate efforts accordingly and seek out solutions to improve weak areas?

Even Executives Are Employees Who Need to be Hired, Trained, and Retained – If They're Right for the Job

The Executive Team Analysis is designed to help you get the best and most efficient results from your team. Enhance the effectiveness, productivity, and motivation of team members. Ensure better communication, cooperation, and achievement of team objectives.

The Executive Team Analysis Toolkit consists of:

  • Profiles Performance Indicator™ – provides analysis and reports describing seven key job-related behavioral tendencies which effect managerial performance. Evaluations for up to ten team members is included.
  • Team Development Consulting/Coaching – provides additional and objective insights into the results of the assessments and guidance on steps for improving team results.
  • CEO Executive Summary – this special on-site analysis, report, and review session of executive team members is held with the CEO to summarize findings and advise on the team's status and suggested areas for improvement.

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