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What is the Step One Survey II and how does it work?


What are the benefits of using the Survey?


What are scoring meters and how do they work?


Can I use the survey on my current employees?


What about validity? Does the Step One Survey II meet EEOC and ADA requirements?


Can applicants distort the answers to look good?


How long does it take to complete a survey?


How long does it take to get a report?


What does the report cover?


How can I get started?


1.What is the Step One Survey II and how does it work?

The Step One Survey II is a two-part evaluation, designed for pre-employment selection.

  • Part one consists of 44 direct admission questions. These are essential inquiries that should be asked during an interview, but which some interviewers might be uncomfortable asking.
  • Part two has 80 questions which survey attitudes toward honesty, drug use, reliability and work ethic. During the hiring process, job applicants login to a secure website set up specifically for your organization and take the assessment online. Alternately surveys may be completed on your local network, or with a paper and pencil version.

After the applicant's data has been entered into the computer or the website, the Step One Survey II software evaluates the responses and prints an easy-to-understand report. With this report in hand, you'll make better, more informed hiring decisions which will positively impact your bottom line.

2.What are the benefits of using the Survey?

  • Identify and hire people better suited to the position – Compare candidates' answers to find out if they match the requirements of the job.
  • Reduce turnover – Find candidates who are more likely to be more satisfied in the position.
  • Reduce interviewing time – Sort out risky applicants of poor character before you invest interviewing time.
  • Obtain more complete information – Validate answers and get information you can't get by reference checking.
  • Gather applicant information – Update your records effortlessly and automatically for you when the applicant enters their data.
  • Receive recommended interview questions – Use the suggested interview questions which are generated and customized for your applicant based on their initial responses to the survey.
  • Comply with legal requirements – All questions are asked in a legal, consistent manner which complies with EEOC and ADA rules. See #5 below for more information.
  • Uncover more thorough applicant information – You get direct admission details which allows you to probe further into areas that you cannot otherwise ask legally.
  • Save time by focusing on the right applicants – Allow the survey to do the work for you in finding candidates who are honest, drug free, dependable and hard workers – before you hire them.
  • Save hiring and training costs – Removes unlikely candidates from consideration before wasting time on someone who isn't right for the job or your organization.


3. What are "scoring meters" and how do they work?

Built into the program is a counter to keep track of how many surveys are scored. When you purchase the Step One Survey II, this meter counter is set to the number of surveys purchased. Each time you score a survey, a meter is subtracted. When you purchase additional surveys you receive meters equal to the number of surveys purchased. The meters are easily added to your program, by a simple telephone call to Business Insight Technologies at 253-604-4141 or by making your request using our online contact form.


4. Can I use the survey on my current employees?

The Step One Survey II is only validated for use with job applicants, not for current employees. People who are not under the psychological pressure of seeking a job may respond differently. There may also be legal implications if an internal employee is let go due to their responses or scores in the Survey's report.

There are other assessment tools designed for use by current employees. See the Profiles Performance Indicator™ or Profiles Checkpoint™.


5. What about validity? Does the SOS meet EEOC and ADA requirements?

The Step One Survey II has a current validation showing that it does not discriminate against any protected group. The validation study also demonstrates that the survey reliably discriminates between groups of honest and dependable workers, and individuals who have been convicted of dishonest or drug related crimes. A copy of the validation study is available for purchase. The Survey is validated to show that it does not discriminate against any protected group.


6. Can applicants distort the answers to look good?

They can try, but a built in "distortion scale" analyzes the pattern of their answers to detect distortion and alerts you to those cases. This scale alone may tell you a lot about the applicant.


7. How long does it take to complete a survey?

The average candidate spends 15-20 minutes on the assessment. It is not timed.


8. How long does it take to get a report?

Just seconds! Once the applicant has completed the survey, you will receive an e-mail alerting you that the candidate has completed the assessment. You can log in to your online control panel and download the report immediately.


9. What does the report cover?

  • Administrative information – Provides the applicant's name, address, position applied for, date tested, date scored, prior work history, etc.
  • Distortion score (1 to 9) – Indicates how much distortion was detected in the pattern of answers on the survey.
  • Answers to survey interview questions – Lists all answers, keyed to questions in the booklet, with areas of concern highlighted.
  • Reminder information – Lists items for your interviewers to probe and items they should not probe during an interview.
  • Suggested interview questions – Advises on questions to ask the candidate, based on the answers they provided in the survey.
  • Honesty attitudes score (1 to 9) – Explains the resultant scores supported by a listing of attitude statements showing why that score was assigned.
  • Drug attitudes score (1 to 9) – Provides a listing of attitude statement examples.
  • Dependability attitudes score (1 to 9) – Supplies specific examples of statements which indicate attitudes on this topic.
  • Work ethic attitudes score (1 to 9) – Lists statement examples suggesting underlying attitudes about the candidate's work ethic.

See a sample Profiles Step One Survey II report.


10. How can I get started?

Contact or call us at 253-604-4141 to schedule your complimentary consultation about how you can gain valuable insights into your team with the Profiles Checkpoint system.

Step One Survey II™
  Step One Survey II™
  Step One Survey II™
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