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What is the Profiles Performance Indicator™ and how does it work?


What are the benefits of using the Profiles Performance Indicator?


What about validity?


How long does it take to complete the Profiles Performance Indicator assessment?


What do the reports cover?


How can I get started?


How can I get started?


1. What is the Profiles Performance Indicator™ and how does it work?

The Profiles Performance Indicator™ is an individual assessment which determines preferred styles in seven key measurable areas:

  • Productivity
  • Quality of work
  • Initiative
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Response to stress and conflict
  • Work motivation

The resulting report allows the manager to identify and make full use of an employee’s strengths, and help manage those areas that might be limiting their effectiveness. It is a management tool that breaks the inhibitors to effective communication, management and productivity. It reduces conflicts in personality and style that get in the way of problem solving. an online assessment (a pencil and paper version is also available)


2. What are the benefits of using Performance Indicator?

  • Increase productivity & decrease turnover – Communicate more effectively with employees.
  • Improve productivity – Gain greater awareness of individuals' communication and work motivation styles.
  • Reduce training and turnover costs – Strengthen your managers' ability to motivate a team member.
  • Save costs and resources – Resolve employee personality and style conflicts that get in the way of problem solving.
  • Decrease administrative time and costs – Produce reports instantly and effortlessly through the online interface for immediate use.
  • Enhance employee performance and manager effectiveness – Provide your managers with specific coaching techniques targeted to address each employee's personal preferences.
  • Encourage individual success – Give managers better insights of how employees respond to directions for five key management issues: initiative, problem solving, productivity, quality of work and teamwork.


3. What about validity?

Performance Indicator was validated in 1998 assuring that it does not discriminate against any protected group. A copy of the validation study is available for purchase.


4. How long does it take to complete the Performance Indicator assessment?

It typically takes an individual approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the assessment.


5. What do the reports cover?

The Performance Indicator delivers two power-packed reports.

The Individual Reports
This report provides an excellent basis for designing an effective program for self-improvement. Behavioral scientists know the starting point for personal growth is an objective evaluation of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. The Individual Report identifies a person’s strong points as well as areas in need of improvement in regard to five critical job-related components (productivity, quality of work, initiative, teamwork and problem solving) and gives insights for constructive change.

The Management Reports
Your managers and supervisors receive data concerning an individual’s significant behavioral tendencies and preferred work style. This report confirms and clarifies impressions obtained through experience, observation and other means and it can alert managers to new considerations regarding the individual’s compatibility with the demands of his or her position. This information is extremely useful for assessing training needs and for team building.

See the sample Profiles Performance Indicator report.


6. How long does it take to get a report?

Just seconds! Once the individual has completed the assessment, you will receive an e-mail alerting you that the candidate has completed the assessment. You can immediately login to your website and download this report.


7. How can I get started?

Call us at 253-604-4141 or contact us online and we would be pleased to provide you with further information about the Profiles Performance Indicator or other solutions to your "People Puzzle".

Performance Indicator™
  Performance Indicator™
  Performance Indicator™
Sample Report
  Performance Indicator™
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