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In a recent three-year study by the National Federation of Independent Business, they confirmed that businesses which put heavy emphasis on customer service were more likely to survive and succeed than competitors who emphasized such advantages as product features or lower prices.

Customer Service Excellence Begins
with Employee Values

Quality customer service begins with your employees. Does your customer service candidate really understand what customer service means to your organization? Do their customer service values match the values your organization represents and wants to uphold?

Your customer service personnel represent your company to each and every customer they come in contact with. Do you know how well your employees are treating your relationships with your customers? After all, at the point of interaction between customer and employee, the outcome is completely in your employees' hands.

Your customer service personnel, as well as prospective employees, must have an integral and strong customer service ethic. But how can you know?

Measuring Customer Service Begins with Standards and a Plan

Beyond the individual employees, your organization must lay the foundation for customer service success. What standards determine "acceptable" or "excellent" levels of customer service? Does your organization have a codified definition of customer service standards? Do you have a plan for finding employees with the right values and behaviors? Is there a process for training, rewarding, and retaining top customer service personnel? Are the levels and limits of responsibility and authority clearly spelled out to encourage appropriate responses?

Without such standards and plans, customer service is a hit or miss proposition, and will eventually be reflected in your sales and profit figures. On the other hand, according to author and business owner Paul Hawken in his book, Growing a Business, if your employees are not customer-oriented, no standards or goals will change that. "We concentrate on hiring people who embody the quality of service for which we strive. It is difficult to teach someone to be helpful and serve others if he or she is misanthropic to begin with."

How To Know Which Employees are Right for Customer Service Positions

Hiring the best customer service personnel means knowing their values and then trusting them to take care of your customers. That's where the Customer Service Toolkit comes in. With this Toolkit, you can gauge whether a candidates values are right for the job, including suggested interview questions, and even management guidelines for enhanced customer service performance.

The Customer Service Success Toolkit consists of :

  • Step One Survey II – screen for candidates' or employees' basic values and behaviors such as integrity, substance abuse, work ethic and reliability.
  • Customer Service Profile™ – screen candidates for basic customer service traits and to compare individual candidates' customer service values to the company's customer service values.
  • Profile XT™ – determine how well-suited a candidate is for the job and what their potential is for long-term success in that position.

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