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It costs 4 to 6 times as much to sell to a brand new customer as it does to make a sale to an existing customer. You invest in sales and marketing to find and convert prospects into customers, but are you investing in servicing and retaining those customers?

Happy customers buy more, so an investment in your human capital can have a significantly positive impact on your bottom line. Create better customer service by design, rather than leaving the quality of your customer's experience to chance.

Customer Service Effects Profitability

Customer service excellence is the key to building strong relationships with your clients. Having a customer-focused organization creates many additional benefits:

  • Increase revenue by increasing the number of repeat customers – Hire employees who have the natural ability to care about your customers' satisfaction.
  • Improve customer satisfaction – Hire employees who know how to keep your customers happy and coming back for more business.
  • Increase order size and frequency – Hire employees who have the aptitude and personality for customer service.
  • Minimize customer problems and dissatisfaction – Hire employees who want to solve customer problems and know how to do so.
  • Increase customer recommendations and referrals – Hire employees that have the initiative to "over deliver" when called upon for assistance.
  • Increase sales and profits – Hire employees who have the ability to see opportunities for new business and bigger orders.
  • Reduce training costs – Determine if candidates can do the job before you hire them.
  • Decrease overhead costs – Administer assessments online, quickly and easily.
  • Increase ROI on customer service training – Know specifically where each candidate/employee needs development around customer service issues.
  • Reduce turnover costs – Better, more effective employees are more likely to have higher job satisfaction.

How to Create World-Class Customer Service

Within your customer service team, you have some great performers. But how can you get your whole team functioning at that level? The answer is to leverage your current, top customer service professionals' success, by hiring and developing more team members just like them. So, how do you do that?

Customer Service Assessment Reveals
Keys to Excellence

The Customer Service Profile reveals the secrets of your best performers in eight critical behaviors and two proficiencies impacting your customers' experience:

  • Trust
  • Tact
  • Empathy
  • Conscientiousness
  • Conformity
  • Focus
  • Courtesy
  • Flexibility
  • Vocabulary proficiency
  • Mathematics proficiency

It also measures how closely aligned the candidate's or employee's attitudes and values match your company's customer service policies and values.

How to Use the Customer Service Profile

The first step in creating customer service excellence is to describe precisely what excellence means to your company. You set the benchmark in 48 areas of customer experience, determining just what you want the "customer perspective" to be.

Here are a few samples of the 48 questions you'll answer to establish your organization's "Customer Service Profile." All are "true" or "false" answers:

  • Customers don't care how many people they have to talk to as long as they get the answers they need.
  • Some customers have better knowledge of the solution to a problem than I do.
  • It is more important to bring in new customers than to maintain the ones you currently have.
  • Serving customers quickly is the most important thing to do.

Once you've set the standard, you can then compare the attitudes and values of current and future employees for hiring, training and development purposes. This is the information needed to coach and train your people to deliver world-class customer service.

Easy-to-Read Reports Deliver the Information You Need
to Make the Right Decisions

The Customer Service Profile produces three valuable reports:

  • The CSP Placement Report – Tells you how well a job candidate measures up to your standards for employees. It also measures the degree to which their attitudes and values match your Customer Service Profile and the specific expectations of your company. The placement report includes a section entitled "Considerations for Interviewing." Whenever a job candidate’s score misses your customized job match pattern, his or her report suggests interview questions to stimulate conversation regarding the issue in question. This usually results in a better understanding of the company’s customer service position and effectively communicates the company’s expectations and policies.
  • The CSP Coaching Report – Identifies the areas where individualized training and coaching will effectively instill the customer service attitudes you want in all of your employees.
  • The CSP Individual Report – Helps employees increase their awareness of their customer service skills or lack thereof. This report will help them become better employees and deliver the kind of customer service that contributes to the success of your business.

Of course, if you need help interpreting or implementing the information in these reports, Business Insight Technologies is here to help you.

Invest in Customer Service Development for a High Return

An investment of less than a day's pay for a customer service person will immediately start you on a path to increasing the predictability and quality of your customer's experience. You'll know your customers will receive the service they deserve.

Customer Service Profile will be an invaluable tool for developing your company’s people, and enhancing your company’s reputation, productivity, profitability, and future.

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