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You already invest considerable time, effort, and money to marketing and sales. But are you investing in another important internal resource – your customer service personnel?

It costs 4 to 6 times more money to find a new customer than to do more business with existing customers. Your resources are actually more cost-effectively devoted to serving your current customers than creating new ones.

A study by a well-known overnight delivery service revealed that the re-order rate among their customers was about 85%. But when a customer has a problem, and that problem is promptly handled to the satisfaction of the customer, the retention and re-order rate among those customers jumps up to over 95%. Are you handling your customers' issues to increase customer loyalty and ensure they come back to do more business with your company?

Identifying Effective Customer Service
Personnel is Crucial to the
Success of Your Organization

So, how do you identify the customer service personnel with the right mix of empathy, problem-solving skills, focus on organizational goals, responsibility and resourcefulness? Using the Customer Service Profile™ assessment is part of the answer.

The Customer Service Profile will tell you which candidates for a customer service position are actually right for that job. You'll receive a concise and easy-to-read report which indicates how closely your candidates match standards for customer service excellence in their attitudes, interests, and skills. The standards can be your own or you can utilize benchmarks for top performance established across the customer service industry.

Hiring People Who Are Right for Customer Service Positions is Key

But how can you know you're hiring people who are right for your organization? How can you know their attitudes, interests, and skills fit with your culture and your objectives beyond customer service positions. And how do you find out about and avoid potential problems like drug use, reliability, theft, and conflicts?

When your job candidates complete the Profiles XT™ job match assessment, you'll know before you hire them if they are likely to succeed with your organization.

Discover whether your candidates' possess the integrity and work ethics you require by administering the Profiles Step One Survey II™. This tool will reveal more about your candidates attitudes toward employee theft, workplace violence, respect for management, and other topics, all in an open-admission survey. You'll be able to screen employees, saving time and money, and avoiding potential future problems in the process.

Beyond Hiring: How to Retain, Train, and Manage
Top Customer Service Personnel

The Customer Service Profile can be used for existing employees as well as candidates. Compare poor performers against top performers to learn how to improve their performance. And know when it may be appropriate to move a customer service employee to another job more well-suited to their skills and interests.

Read and use the Customer Service Profile reports to manage and coach your customer service personnel. The easy-to-follow guide provides interview questions and management suggestions to help improve productivity, job satisfaction, and retention. The reports also contain sections on how to coach and train your customer service employees to enhance their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

There's even a pre-packaged set of tools designed specifically to help you create and manage an excellent customer service department within your organization. For more information, see the Customer Service Success Toolkit™.

For more expert advice on how to turn your customer service personnel into a cost-effective, revenue-producing part of your organization, set up a complimentary consultation with Business Insight Technologies today.


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